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National Cloud

National Cloud

The goal of ByteLife Solutions in cooperation with Estonian national cloud is to provide public authorities with a flexible and easy use national cloud services. At the same time, we enable the use of cloud services to the extent suitable for the organization – from hybrid solutions to full cloud services. Our mission: "To make being in the national cloud and the use of the service enjoyable, easy and convenient for state agencies and state-owned enterprises." Today, it is possible to order IT administration services and a Zabbix-based monitoring service from the Estonian national cloud. Additional services such as LogStack and related services are currently being developed. Our professional team is ready to assist with the mapping, planning and migration to the Estonian national cloud and ensure the management and monitoring of the entire life cycle.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

IT Infrastructure Solutions

Data centers and computer networks form the integral part of a modern IT infrastructure. We help you find the solution that support your business process the best possible way. Bytelife Solutions is a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions on the Estonian market, with an extensive portfolio of network, server and security solutions.

Data center – servers, network, data warehouses, backup, archiving

Nutanix, Dell / EMC, Cisco

Computer network – WAN, LAN

Cisco, Dell / EMC, Fortinet, Extreme Networks

Security – firewalls, VPN, SM, Logs, PAM

Cisco, Fortinet, Tychotic

Video Conferencing – Virtual and Device-Based ByteLife Solutions and Cisco make meetings easy and efficient! Join the meeting in the way that works best for your partners or customers, regardless of their location or the devices they use. The highest quality video and audio ensure that everyone can see, hear and share information as if they were in the same room. Our meeting solutions are software-based, and the solution is oriented to be as flexible and simple as possible. It does not require additional expenses on hardware but works as a cloud service – SaaS (Software as a service).

Design, Deployment, Management And Audit

Design, Deployment, Management And Audit

ByteLife boasts long-term experience in designing, deploying, managing and auditing of highly efficient central IT infrastructure solutions. If desired, the customer receives it as a full service, focusing entirely on their own business processes.

Design and deployment

The ByteLife team consists of experts who know the technology we represent down to the last detail. Based on the customer needs (integrity, confidentiality, availability), we find the best solution in our portfolio for computer networks (LAN, WAN, SAN, WiFi), standard three-component server space solutions (server, network, disk array) or alternatively hyperconverged (HCI) solutions. We also design and/or implemet monitoring, log-management, identity and access management (IAM) solutions. Aimed to ensure the smooth implementation of the new solution, we perform installation, configuration, training and migration.

We manage and audit

The experience of the team in managing different technologies ensures the best results, regardless of whether the managed services are hosted on the client’s own server or use a cloud platform. Our engineers constantly take care of the maintenance of IT services. Want to make sure that the infrastructure and processes in place are sufficient to ensure a calm night sleep? Security audits by our CISA-certified team members will help.

Log Management Solution – Logstack

Log Management Solution – Logstack

Log management projects have been always challenging and associated with high cost during deployment and operations: tied to licences and people's time, and given its complexity, many log management projects are not successful – the project is ongoing, terminated, or implemented in a partial manner.

Log management is especially important in today’s changing world, where the cybersecurity and data protection landscape are changing non-stop, as it is the only source that can be used to analyze and identify sources of threats, attacks or leaks.

ByteLife has been innovative throughout its existence and has brought solutions to the market that make sense for everyone but have not been implemented – log management is no different in this respect.

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About The Company

ByteLife Solutions OÜ is a pioneer in the field of IT infrastructure solutions, which are widely used today. Be it consolidated data storage solutions, data center virtualization or IT automation. ByteLife has been the first to introduce future-oriented services to its customers. ByteLife Solutions has got 15 years of experience in IT infrastructure. Our strong areas of expertise are network, data center, storage, computing, security and automation solutions. The exceptionally strong background, expertise and experience relate to the field of network solutions, where we offer the following solutions to Baltic companies: wireless and wired network solutions, incl. data center networks, private cloud networks, office networks, security solutions (firewalls, etc.). We are one of the largest and strongest partners of Cisco, Dell / EMC and Nutanix in the Baltics. Besides, ByteLife Solutions is a valuable partner for VMware, Fortinet, Extreme Networks and other vendors. We are constantly investing in our certified professionals, providing them with up-to-date training and certifications. For our customers, ByteLife Solutions in the Baltics is a maintenance partner that offers 24/7 support, both via a telephone support line and other relevant systems.

Our long-term clients include: Financial and insurance sector – SEB Pank AS, Luminor Bank AS, ERGO Insurance SE. Public sector – Estonian Defense Forces, Ministry of Defense, NATO CCDCOE, Center of Registers and Information Systems, University of Tartu, Eesti Energia AS, Information Technology and Development Center of the Ministry of the Interior, Tallinn City Office, Tartu City Government. Healthcare sector – Eesti Tervishoiu Pildipank SA, SA Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikum, Ida Tallinna Keskhaigla AS. Telecommunications sector – Elisa Teleteenused AS

We offer solutions and services that cover the needs of our customers taken as a whole – from architecture, design, configuration to installation. In addition, we are ready to offer training and support as well as troubleshooting. ByteLife values long-term partnerships with all our customers.


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